The Changing Digital Media Landscape

A lot can change in six years, right? Six years ago, Facebook and Twitter were just coming out of its college years, YouTube had just become the #2 search engine behind Google and everyone still had portable GPS devices for their cars. Today, the cloud has made the development of new websites, apps and other technologies much more rapid. Consider SnapChat, the video messaging app, that was developed in just six months from conception to launch. Six years ago, SnapChat’s development would have taken six years!

In this evolving landscape, BH Digital Services has embraced the changing digital media landscape, and we work to meet the new and evolving needs of our clients. The only thing that is certain is that more change will continue to impact our business, as well as the businesses that we serve in our local communities, and you must adapt quickly to meet those changes head-on.

Is Digital and Social Media Changing the Travel Industry?

According to some surveys, 97 percent of millennials are now using social networks while traveling, while over 50 percent are eager to meet other people staying at their hotel.  Meanwhile, 84 percent of Facebook users admitted in a PRSA Travel & Tourism poll that viewing their friends’ post actually influenced their own future travel plans.  It’s certainly a friendly and outgoing trend and it’s something that only benefits the travel industry as a whole .

Digital has certainly changed how travel agents conduct business, from planning itineraries to walking their clients through the experience.  Now with this new sense of transparency, consumers have gained the power back and are becoming more resourceful in booking their own destinations for greater savings.

Therefore, travel agents are forced to become more digital and social media friendly they are even more well connected to offer superior rates than can be found booking trips site to site.

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